Poindexter Bartholomew Aloysius

He looks like a tiny greyhound onto which someone jammed a Chihuahua head.


This fella came to live with us on Fossil Ridge in November of 2010.  He had been on the streets of Kansas City before getting picked up by animal control and ending up in a kill shelter.  He was rescued from there by a nice lady and put into155514_1525168529538_855236_n.jpg foster care until he would be chosen for adoption.  He was picked up as part of a group and they were all nicknamed Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  He was Huey.

I saw his photo one day on Craigslist.  His light brindle coloring attracted me, as well as his gorgeous little face.  I had lost my Chihuahua, Sophie, a few months before and wasn’t really looking for another dog, but something about him called to me.  It was a little bit before Thanksgiving, so I responded to the ad and went to meet him.

He was gorgeous and he wasn’t interested in meeting me at all, but chased his foster-brother around instead.  He’s an Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix and fast as a lightening bolt.  Italian Greyhounds tend to top out around 10lbs, and he weighs about 7lbs.  He did stop a few times to sniff me, but was off running again.  His foster mom and dad explained how he was a very sweet boy, but impulsive.  His foster mom said that he loves pears and, one day, he actually sat for a piece.  She figured that once he was an only dog he might be more easily trainable.

She was optimistic, and hilarious.

He prefers that his butt be higher than his head.

My husband and I decided to welcome him into our home and I arranged to pick him up on the day before Thanksgiving, if my boss would let me out of work early.  Well, he forgot that I was waiting to go, so I delayed Foster Mom and Dad leaving to celebrate the holiday with their families.  I feel bad about that to this day.  Sorry guys, my boss was a very easily distracted person.

I did get there and loaded him up with the blanket his foster family gave him and we went home.  I walked in the door with our new dog, who was wearing a fetching green, blue, and white striped sweater and my husband laughed.  We both know a nerd when we see one, hence his name.  He’s not really a nerd, though, he’s a clown.

Want kisses?

Poindexter, or Dexter for short, is a very sweet boy.  And silly.  Being a sight hound, he loves to run, and he also likes to lay on his back with his feet in the air when he sleeps.  He and I really bonded during a blizzard we had six years ago when I had to carry him outside and down to the shelter from the wind, kick aside the snow so he could do his business, and carry him back up to the house.  When we were back inside, we’d snuggle under blankets on the couch.


He really just wants to go and do, and he wants to put your hand in his mouth while he does it.  He doesn’t bite, he just likes to hold your hand.  He likes to sleep under the covers behind my knees, and he really thinks that taking on the deer in the yard would be a fair fight.  He likes the divot between his eyes scratched.  He lives for tummy rubs, like all dogs.  He adores pears, apples, and carrots, and appreciates a bit of olive oil on his food in the mornings.  He likes to bark and howl, and insists on being on your lap but will sneak on when you’re not paying attention and you’ll never know what happened.

557748_3204974283632_97399716_n.jpgIn 2012, Dexter’s “brother”, Bishop, came to live with us.  They were fast friends and love to play chase and sunbathe together.  They snuggle sometimes, but mostly they play and keep each others ears clean.

Dexter loves feet.  He will take any opportunity to rub his chest and neck on your feet by rocking side to side.  You won’t even know he’s there until he’s doing it.  He’s not a humper unless it comes to establishing dominance with his brother, he just really, really wants to rub his chest on your feet.

He looks like a tiny greyhound onto which someone jammed a Chihuahua head.  He is a little doll, and seven pounds of fury when playing chase and fetch.  He is REALLY good at fetch.  We accidentally made him afraid of fireworks and gunshots, of which there are many out here in the country, by trying to “comfort” him, but we just reinforced his fear.  You guys, please read about this before you ever get a dog.  They don’t speak English and think you’re afraid, too, and there are so many ways we can accidentally damage our dogs’ calm by not understanding how to communicate with them.  One of my neighbors had a fireworks stand, so we were regularly treated to their showy explosions, and poor Dexter would be under the buffet.  We have a plan in place to help him with this and get some extra meds around the Fourth of July for our little buddy.  We just let him go to is safety-safe (his kennel) now and do what he needs to feel safe.

Dexter like flowers.

I love this little guy.  He can surprise me still after all these years.  A friend came to visit and, while I knew he liked little kids, I didn’t expect him to do so well when their toddler pulled his ears.  He just yiped and didn’t try to run away or bite.  I think maybe he spent his puppy-hood with a baby or two.  I also think his little, impulsive brain told him to run out the door one day and he found himself homeless.  Can you imagine a little, seven pound dog out on his own?  Huddling in the cold, trying to stay dry and not starve?  It breaks my heart that there are many, many dogs that live without the comfort of a loving home.  I can only save so many.

Cockroach impersonation.

No seriously, it has been expressly forbidden that I create a menagerie.  As it is, I have two dogs and eleven chickens which my husband considers a menagerie.  I don’t think that counts as a diverse collection – there are only two types of animals here – but oh well.  Saves on feed.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, if you can, please adopt.  Make sure you have the time, and I don’t mean your every day time.  A dog is a commitment for its lifetime.  Yes, you will need to spend time each day feeding, grooming, exercising, etc., your friend, but one day your puppy or young dog will get old.  Are you going to be the kind of person to just get rid of your dog because he’s not as cute as he was?  Because the new puppy doesn’t like him?  Because you decided to have a baby and don’t want to care for both?  Because you have to move and chose a place that doesn’t allow pets?  Then don’t get a dog.  Reasons like that are why there are so many dogs in shelters that need homes.

If you really can make the commitment, please consider adoption.  I would never have come across dogs as wonderful as the two I have now by shopping at pet stores.  By the way, if you purchase a dog at a pet store, it’s a very good chance that those dogs come from a puppy mill.  I won’t go into the cruel treatment dogs receive at puppy mills, but suffice it to say that I will never step foot in or patronize a pet store that sells dogs or cats.  From now on, it’s shelter dogs for me.

The End

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    1. Just chanced upon your blog. I find you are an excellent photographer AND a very readable writer. We share these two “arts” together. I seriously doubt that most kids today could even write a 1 page essay, especially now that grammarly.com “takes the worry out of spelling, punctuation and incomplete sentences”. Really, you blew me away with your writing. A good writer paints pictures with words and I feel like I have already met your dogs. I’m still staying away from Facebook

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