Welcome to Fossil Ridge

Join us on our adventures out in the country!


545109_3457702561681_1334275842_n My name is Melissa and I live out in the country in northeast Kansas.  I have five acres, some chickens, some gardens, lots of rocks, two dogs, and a husband.

We decided to leave the college town we lived in and buy a house back when we got married in 2009.  After touring house after house in our price range, we found the one we eventually bought on the cover of a brochure at our realtor’s office.

The house sits on a long, narrow lot that is mostly full of trees.  Part of it is a five acre pond we share with our neighbors to the north.  We’re on top of a ridge created many, many years ago when Kansas was under an inland sea.  Our ridge was a coral reef, and there are so many fossils just sitting on top of the topsoil it’s amazing.  If you see my husband out squatting in the lawn, he’s looking for his favorites, crinoids, and not… well, you know.

Growing up in various large towns and cities my whole life, I was rather ignorant about wild plants and animals.  Now that I live here, I am itching to learn all I can.  I want to identify the edible plants that grow around my home and to know which ones to avoid.  I know mushrooms like the tasty and much desired morel must grow in there somewhere, but don’t really know where to look.  I also want to grow my own food and raise my own animals.  We’ve fought the rocks and clay to lay out vegetable gardens and beat back the grasses to add wildflowers.

We struggle and we triumph.  We invite you to follow our adventures.